The Second Annual Literacy Confernece

Top Ten Teacher Websites:Ten Beneficial Tech resources for teachers: (Not in any order)
1 Wordnik is an ad free way to get kids to learn word meanings, find associated pictures, listen to how the word is said, etc. Free is popular for teachers, but has also been found to have some of the most malware on the internet!
2 Choice Literacy is a blog with free newsletters ever two weeks. Most researched, progressive literacy practices with video samples, printable resources, etc.
3!isbn=0547577095 Your next read is a great brand new (still in beta) site for teachers to find similar books for read aloud or for students to find books that they may like because they liked a specific title. This is similar to “Scholastics Book Alike” that lets you search specific book title to find other books that are similar in format OR similar in level or books similar at a lower level or higher level.
4 This is a way to make morning messages meaningful and build global citizens. Your class gets connected to another class in a different part of the world. You send an email and they reply. Donald Leu, 21st Century Technology expert, suggests printing these or displaying the e-mail for students to read as they enter the class in the morning. Authentic reading material that students are motivated to read and then they get authentic writing as they reply-and geography as they learn about the world!
5 This site is fabulous non-fiction text that can be read aloud to our young learners and can also be a source of information as we begin to engage in short research projects as suggested by the Common Core. The teacher resource tab of this site also has free promethean whiteboard resources for teaching content about many topics in our science curriculum.
6 Many educators have used google earth to map stories that we read. This gives real photos to the story as a frontloading strategy, during reading strategy or after reading tool. Teachers can make these or students can make them as part of their own learning (CCSS aligned!)
7 As we get kids interacting with more content and learning about their world so that they can report about their learning and provide their own opinions we will want them to be able to access more information. This is a kid friendly space that has an appropriate readability with high levels of content.
8 Internet Public Library for kids is a great search area for kids too. Reading Zone gives a searchable place to find “online” reading material ranging from comic strips to novels.
9 Beth Newingham is a third grade teacher and scholastic web writer. She has developed many literacy resources and offers them free on her web page. Great support!
10 This site is from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and has many teacher resources, but the student interactive are also ways to engage students with literacy skills. My students loved the comic creator! Students can also create trading cards based on their favorite characters, write poetry, and much more.
**** Statistics to discuss, use in research, etc.

Hinshaw's Top Classroom Literacy Webistes for students
  • Starfall is a Preschool - first grade. This website introduces ABC...foundational phonics, phonemic awareness.
  • This site has many different activities and can be a great station in the classroom or lab activity
Spelling and Vocab
  • VocabularySpellingCity is an educational website with 25 different learning activities includingspelling tests, vocabulary Flashcards, HangMouse(like Hangman), Unscramble, and crossword puzzles.
  • When teachers sign up for a free membership, they get their own homepages, where they can enter and save customized word lists that their students can access. These word lists may be used in a variety of games and activities.
  • Logon: 208first name PWD: bobcat
Read Alouds
Bellingham Public Library@ Tumble Books! Read Books online
  • Storynory has published a free audio story every week since November 2005. All our stories are delightfully read by professional actors. Read more about us here.
Practice your handwriting at
Comprehension Checks
Easy CBM -
Book Look Ups Look up Lexile Levels for books has many other supportive features
Books for Kids
Jaylani's Class page
Dragon Wikki