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It's the learning that gets noticed not the tech! Its all about what is done with the technology!

It's Simple -- focus on the learning

Our Students...
Producing Writing which is Published Interactive and Collaborative
Cordata Elementary
Cordata Elementary

Our Teachers...
Ms. Hinshaw says.
Ms. Hinshaw says.

Teaching withThinking Tools which Engage Learners and Community, Track Growth and Support Planning

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  • Access to Technolgy every day, when needed, right size for fingers, matches learner needs
  • Bring from Home Tool Access
  • Interactive Projectors and High Quality Document Cameras, In wall classroom speaker and voice systems
  • Keyboard Tools K - 5 (2 page sit)
  • Web Based Tools - Build Creativity Simple and Easy to Use,
    Image Production Tools, Cameras, Video, Video Editing Tools
  • Web Based Enagement Tools - Classroom Launch Page -
    Connects Classroom to Web - what you see first, BLOGS, Document and Video Drop Space
  • Reduce Number of Clicks - (2 Clicks)
  • Design Desktop/Programs to Learner Style, Modify and Simplify the Desktops
  • Streamline passwords and logons
  • Information Tools to organize text, ideas, inferences, to help us compare and contrast,
  • Search Tools that make sense for elementary kids that provide depth and access to knowledge
  • Tools for teachers to track growth, VIEW and COLLECT DATA, simple access to district documents
  • Lessons for teachers and online resources to share ideas, and integrated lessons across academic areas as well as access to collaborative projects with classrooms acround the world...

Changes in District external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTeCY3VX9tf26cUnrsEv72p0sMbZz7nC7mDuChwqTdvqo2eeTX8
  • Integrate Technology in the Classroom
    rather than "In" the LAB or Library

  • Make Tech a Seemless Part of Learning
    rather than Computer Lab Time/Cart Sign Up

  • Select Software Programs that Meet Learner Need
    rather than Special Program Need

  • Provide In Class Just in Time Support
    rather than Send in Work Order

  • Empower Teachers "Shift Ownership" to Classroom Teachers
    rather than Technology Department and Librarians and Techs

  • Build Critical Maaa: Place Technology Teacher Coaches in all buidings, Support in class cadre in building, than they support grade level teams rather than Educational Technology and Librarians

  • Embedded Technology Professional Developement in All Academic Areas
    rather than Technology Department Workshops on WORD and Excel

School News:Telepromter http://cueprompter.com/ - use for cueing news broadcast!
http://dotsub.com/ takes video and allows you to write sub titles in different languages

Safety on the WWW

‍‍‍‍Classroom Email Address‍‍‍‍
Use this address when logging on to off site web tools listed here Techcatz pages
email: cordatacats@rocketmail.com
Password: bobcats
Yahoo mail account located@ https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?.intl=us&.src=ym

Use the following websites to get images for your presentations
Use only images that have permission granted to use.

Discovery Education Clip Art!
Pics4Learning and
Wiki Commons CC – Creative License Site

Editing Pictures
Make your Pictures More Creative
Avairy you upload a picture, change sizeand crop, change color, copy and past to save

Keyboarding Sites - Increase your speed to 25 - 30 wpm. How fast can you go?
  • Foggies- Type the words and listen to music - great practice in speed increasing
  • Keyboarding Games - Select from the following to practice your skills
  • Falling Words- Like Tetris... type the words before the wall is built
  • Keyboard Challenge- Can you match the keys to the keyboard... without looking?

Edmodo -TopDogs Portable B ~ Leave messages and drop files to pick them up at home... http://www.edmodo.com/profile?uid=522223

MAKE a GLOGSter....
Go to http://topdogs.edu.glogster.com/topdog/
Login: topdog Password: bulldog

COMMUNITY WALK - Mapping Our Learning
Go to: Endangered Animals of the WORLD Locate the area, ecosystem, and place a marker. Add description and picture.
Logon: mrsh Password: bulldog

Time Line http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/timeline/index.html