Your teacher has been reading up a storm this summer. Here are a few books that you might enjoy reading.

Night of the Howling Dogs by Graham Salisbury (530)
Ok the ultimate adventure story. Takes place in Hawaii. A troop of boy scouts camped out in a desolate lava flow deep in the Hawaiian outback encounter a series of earthquakes that quickly turn a great trip into a devastating nightmare. I could not put this booK down.
"Except for the ocean whispering along the rocky shore, Halape was eerily still. Down by the cabin where the paniolos were camped, I saw the glow of the dying fire..and a shadow. Someone was standing in the dark like I was. Had he heard the howling too? "

Each Little Bird That Sings by Devorah Wiles (760)
Join 10 year old Comfort Snowberger as she learns how to deal with the death of her aunt and the loss of her best friend! Declaration. Comfort knows all about death because her family runs the towns funeral home but through this story Comforlearns about what it means to live.
" Everbody cried because death is hard. Death is sad. But death is part of life. When someone youknow dies, it's your job to go on living."

Eggs by Jerry Spinelli. (610).,AAAAAFv844g~,BASb5BU03X-iSxP2xnUo82nI3lwCMiDm&bclid=1557820329&bctid=1691067583
David and Primrose learn about life, death, and accepting uniqueness of others. David lost his mother to a tragic accident and Primrose's mother doesn't care about here. Be ready to cry and have you heart feel sadnesI while reading this story.
"of course, all of their words for a thousand years could not fill the hole left by his mother, but they could raise a loving fence around it so he didn't keep falling in."

"When You Reach Me" by Rebecca Stead (750)
Miranda is girl learning avout growing up. She stands up for what Ahe belives in. Vut things start to unravel when mysterious notes start appearing, This is a great story about growing up, best friends, and accepting life.
"there are days when everything changes and this was one of those days."

Tentacles vy Roland Smith. (740)
Join Marty hs best friend Luther and Grace on their adventure to capture the worlds largest Cryptid...a giant squid. The team sets out with there mysterious uncle aboard a boat full of scientist and 2 about to hatch real dinosaur eggs. This is an action packed, high tech triller story as the children must figure who is sabotaging their mission.
"All great inventions are a synthesis of things that already exist in can't discover anything unless you're out looking."

Elephant Mann by Rolland Smith (750),AAAAAFv844g~,BASb5BU03X-iSxP2xnUo82nI3lwCMiDm&bclid=1557820329&bctid=1732351489
The year is 1941' and Nick a 14 year old boy is sent to live with dad in the middle of Burma. The war is just starting and Nick with the help of his friend Mya and Hilltop an old buddist monk have to protect the families elephants that are used to help harvest teak in their plantation. This is a great story about how one boy finds the will to survive being held captive and save the elephants from being destroyed and rescue his father from prisoner camp.. I could not put this book down.
"Be brave, he told Nick....The Colonel brought up the sword pausing with the blade above his head grout hen brought it straight down.."

Moon Over Manifest by Claire Vanderpool (800)
Abilene Tucker is sent to live with distant relatives in a Kansas town called Manifest. Abilene is on a journey in this story toSind out who she is. On her first night in here new room she discovers a box of items that as the story unravels leads her to learning about her past. With the help of Miss Sadie's stories avout the past Abilene slolwy pieces together the puzzle of her life. This story is very well written and helps the reader learn that things are not always what we think.
"The line between truth and myth is sometimes difficult to see." Her voice got heavier and her rocking more rhythmic. I could feel her heading into a story? "As much as we want it to be true, it is nothing but a myth."