Zoey's NEWS UPDATE October 29th!!
this is my speicial cat named mr. cat

how to put turtles on your blog\web page

to put the turtles on your web page go to abowman gagets choose your animal and copy the code.
side efects may be: animals not moving, not being able to feed them and

this is my hamster named fugde press the center of his wheel to make him run and click any where to feed him use the instructions in this page farther down to have your own!!!

Leadership Club

‚ÄčAll of you that are in leadership club have a big responsibility running the harvest hustle! Keep up the leader ship work! You should think about how to be a good leader. Write down some ideas and bring them to leader ship club! those of you that are in leader ship club should bring a list of contacts to the club!!

Stay Healthy

Think about ways to prevent being sick, like washing your hands offen.


This is a game called whizz ball it is really fun!!

this math game has lots of fun puzzle games

these are the blog areas that we are blogging with!!
them is garden club. about ten kids come out and use there gardening skills to help out. i'm in leadership club thats were the 5th graders get to help out with assembelys and all of our fundraisers. somre more clubs are runing club for the school atheletes another is walking club wich is a great club to be in, the last one is art club for all the artists in the school! do you have clubs at your school?!?! if you do then you are lucky because most schools don'y have clubs if you come to birchwood then you will!!! when you read do you keep a file of what you have read ym class does we make a file on the computer, what do you do?? i've read 12 books so far how many have you read?!?! most people don't like to write but i've learned to like it because in our class you can choose beetween writing comics, nonfiction or even storys about giants!! its even more fun because we learn lots of name games and writing games too!!! we have jobs in outr class room one of them is techie the techies job is to the teachers computer. driving means using the mouse and key board for the teacher when she is up at the board writing what to do. another job is the lights\ door person. they turn off the lights and shut the door when the class is leaving. We are doing lots of projects in tech right now liket the really fun mnt school project and we are even making all about mes, they are projects that involve lots of pictures and recorded voice as well as a lot of folders and names, tech is really hard and theres a lot of things that if you pratice them you will end up being able to conker all of them!! keep trying!!!! have you been to mt. school it is so fun if you have not been you will go soon. when I went we slept in lodges that had a awsome bunk bed and even your own desk! it was the funest feild trip ever! you are going to want to go. its in the middle of north Cacades Naional Park. bring your parents!! not many parents got to go with us... by the way happy thanks giving to all you wiki and bloggers out there!! our school is very lucky every thanks giving the day after we get thanks giving lunch!! almost every year we get to have apple and cherry pie!! its so fun we get to eat outside and then have an extralong recces followed by no school the next day!! what does your school do for thanks giving. by the way... I almosy forgot about holloween!!! I dressed up as a robber and took a pillow case for candy with the words swag bag on it and a $$$$$$ dollor sign $$$$$$$$$$ on it and a couple of jules in side it was so fun!! I filled my whole pillow case up with candy. what did you choose to dress up as for holloween!??!

this is a new article about the places i've been in the world:
the places i've been are number one is Spain, the other is africa, and even england! were have you been!?!?!?

these are my pet turtles:
one is named chomp

like my turtles think up a name for the other. what will it be???
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see ya there