DigiTalkies Project:

Working in teams select from the following categories to do the following.
A Day in the Life
Tell A Story
Public Service Announcment
Music Video - Drums... Chole?

View Past Projects: You can view these on Teacher Tube!

Kitties Who Became Warriors - 1653 Views Animated Tell A Story NCCE DigiTalkie Winner 2009

BugerBond 00ketchup - 793 Views Tell A Story

The Lonely Eraser - 733 Views Animated Tell a Story

SuperSeaWeed - Sell Me Something -* NCCE DigiTalkie Winner 2009

Rex and the Roller Coaster - Tell A Story

Marshmellows On the Run - Tell A Story

Better to Be Nice then Mean - Tell A Story Animated -- Paint

Ball Mania - Animated - NCCE DigiTalkie Winner 2008

Peeling Orange - Day in the Life * NCCE DigiTalkie Winner 2008

Pototo Story - Tell A Story

Mighty Eraser Man - 1336 Views - Tell A Story

Harry's New HairCut - 1367 Views - Tell A Story - Animated NCCE DIGITALKIE WINNER 2008

The Cheese Quest - 1590 Views - Animated A Day In the Life

A Day in the Life of A Tree - 1729 Views - A Day in the Life

Don't Cross the Line - 1196 Views - Animated Tell A Story

What Teachers Do After School - 2958 Views - Day in the Life**